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What people are saying about Centerline Candles

Centerline Candles are literally the epitome of smell good wood wick candles.

I love these things. Candles are like crack to me and these things smell up my whole house which doesn't happen with the large scale candle makers. Consider me a repeat customer!


I love this candle! Probably my favorite candle ever. I am so glad I found you guys.

Drakon Farm

I used to be a huge BWW candle consumer but I will never buy another after the wonderful wood wick candles from Centerline. The variety of scents, clean burn, and horsey themes have made me a Centerline Candles lifer!



Check out our constantly changing range of fragrances on our Current Fragrances page.  We even have some exclusive scents (the ones our friends loved so much they encouraged us to start this business).  

Any chance you have an event coming up that candles would make a great gift and/or prize (think bridal shower or horse show)...we can do custom bulk orders and even work with you on labeling that fits your needs.  Just email us!!  

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